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For the first time ever, luxury apartment living will become part of the story on The Sovereign Islands.

Only once in a lifetime does an opportunity like this come along. The opportunity to live the way you want, where you want.

To live differently.

The Sovereign marks the start of a new chapter. One that was never scripted. One that changes the story forever. This is the beginning of something unique in a location for the elite few.

It’s where new lives will start and new tales will be written. Where you begin your once upon a lifetime.

The island’s first – and only – apartments, there is simply nowhere else like The Sovereign. As befits this exclusive location, no expense has been spared to bring this extraordinary vision to life.

Designed by award-winning Cottee Parker architects, The Sovereign sets a new benchmark in luxury waterfront living. Every facet of these expansive, customised residences has been meticulously considered: the magnificent views, immaculate gardens, sublime materials, finishes and state-of-the-art technology. This is the very essence of rarefied living.

A once-in-a-lifetime address, The Sovereign is where the art of luxury delights in every space, every surface and every detail. Your key awaits.


Minutes from Surfers Paradise, renowned beaches, world-class dining and retail delights, your every need is fulfilled; your every whim catered to.

Replete with choice. Unsurpassable in every direction. By land and sea, this elite world is longed for by many, yet only for the select few.

Serving as a beacon of grandeur, The Sovereign makes a radiant architectural statement with its landmark presence. Unrivalled views are at your command in this exquisite location.

Rising above your neighbours, your private rooftop is your sanctuary. An expansive space to delight guests with uninterrupted 360-degree views, lavish resort-style landscaping, and outdoor dining beneath sparkling blue skies.

The extensive rooftop deck beckons as a space for recreation and relaxation. Take refreshing dips in The Sovereign’s 21-metre length heated pool, and the spa, enjoying the warmth of the Queensland sun year round.

Feel a sense of Majesty when you come home to The Sovereign.

The effortless connection of indoor and outdoor spaces pays homage to the exclusive and prestigious enclave setting of The Sovereign. Blurring the lines between outdoors and in, al fresco living at The Sovereign is at its peak.

Let elegantly crafted design wash over you as you enter your inner sanctum.

With integrated wine fridges, a cellar and a butler’s pantry, The Sovereign’s kitchens are an epicurean’s dream.

Vested Property Group

VESTED Group is a progressive property development company.
Vested Group is driven on delivering quality projects in communities where sustainability and uncompromising attention to detail is key. Every Vested Project has a story to tell, with a connection to its environment and people. The aim is to exceed market and customer expectations, and to have positive impact on our communities. We are committed to delivering bespoke residences that go beyond industry standards.


Cottee Parker

Founded in 1989, Cottee Parker is a leading architectural and interior-design practice, with studios operating in Melbourne, Perth, Brisbane and Sydney. The team combines intellect and creativity with a skilful, sensitive approach to design; considering the cultural, environmental and human condition to produce responsive, sustainable solutions. With their extensive experience.

Cottee Parker is renowned for delivering exceptional, unique, and highly considered designs that work seamlessly with the natural surrounds to produce works of immense beauty and intellect from every angle.



Based on the east coast of Australia, Bioscapes has been creating exceptional, award-winning landscaping solutions for the past 24 years. Uniquely beautiful, each is an art form in its own right; with no detail overlooked, or spared. Drawing on a vast array of styles, cultures, textiles and themes, Bisocapes exceeds every expectation, designing landscapes that epitomise the ‘wow’ factor. And it’s what you’ll experience at The Sovereign.

With its luxurious tropical-resort look and feel, this is a truly masterful achievement – a stunning environment to revel in with every step and every breath.

A once-in-a-lifetime address The Sovereign brings 
eight luxury waterfront residences to an 
enclave of absolute exclusivity.

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